Quote of the day

“So how does Bix fit into Yahoo!’s strategy? Bix, which was founded in January, is a young startup –not unlike Flickr, del.icio.us, Upcoming.org, and Jumpcut when we acquired them. All represented emerging social media trends with great potential. Imagine where Bix’s creativity could go once we scale it to over half a billion people worldwide. For example, we’re currently looking into possible synergies with things like Yahoo! Groups, Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo! Video and our entertainment properties.”
–Yahoo VP of Product Strategy Bradley Horowitz, writing on the Yahoo! blog
Susan sez: Jumpcut and Bix are both fun, useful platforms –with cool tools–that users can have a great time with-and that will fit well into the Y! portfolio. The challenge at Yahoo, IMHO, is to aggressively learn from–and take advantage of integrating–these young companies, as well as give them more resources to grow on their own. Congrats on these neat acquisitions.