Setting the record straight on Dabble

Mary Hodder, friend and founder of video search/community service, Dabble, wants to make sure some folks get the facts right. Dave W comments that Dabble is like flickr, and Mary says nay.
Mary’s kicker:
“Dabble launched 3 months ago, and is doing just fine. Flickr launched 2.5 years ago, Podshow and Odeo launched well over a year, and while I don’t know their stats or situation, I would also imagine that they are in different spots as well, though without knowing or asking I won’t assume they are doing well or not. Since Dave didn’t ask us where we are after 3 months, I’m assuming he didn’t ask them either.
Regardless, I want to be sure that
we are understood as a video search with a social community around search and are doing just fine, thanks.”

Any more questions, anyone?

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  1. mary hodder says:

    Thanks Susan! Appreciate the note.

  2. Dennis D. McDonald in Alexandr says:

    I was confused by this article since I use DabbleDB!

  3. Clark Matt says:

    Thanks, it has been a great help

  4. matthew says:

    can you look over some software we just launched its in the video space arena and would like to get the word out there thank you!

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