The red couch, the white limo and the squid party

Working backwards: Everyone who photographed the wonderful and amazing laughing squid party on sat night must still be asleep because there’s little up–but the party rocked.
Of course, showing up in a white limo with a bunch of friends on Utah Street only added to the fun. As did the partying at Asia SF earlier, and the very silly bridal bash for Ponzi–and Chris.
Thank you — Maryam— for being such a great friend! And Robert–for being such a wonderful host.

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  1. nig says:

    hi Susan :)
    i think you had good party…
    If you want i can offer you some Limos that make your party the best.
    See this one:

  2. Diana says:

    It was a crazy party!
    The event was a huge success, a wonderful carnival of freaks and geeks, and I couldn’t image a better way celebrate a decade of Laughing Squid.
    Susan, was it you, who came on a huge black, I suppose Hummer limo? I cannot remember exactly the model of limo, cause I had drunken too much bear!!

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