Valleywag’s long-distance turn

So, 24 hours of reading Nick Denton’s Valleywag (as in he let the guy helming the site, Nick Douglas, go) and a couple of things are clear:

  • Nick would like Valleywag to be a lot closer to Bambi Francisco on Marketwatch style financial investigative journalism
  • He’s got a good eye for finding those kinds of items
  • Given that the Valley has some journalists trolling away for these types of items (think VentureBeat, Matt Marshall, Tom Formeski, Good Morning Silicon Valley etc.), Nick’s take may be a bit, uh, redundant.
  • And, of course there is the issue that Big Nick is writing this thing from 3,000 miles away, about people who he’s probably met in passing, once, like at a Ryze party back in the day.

Can items written with verve–but culled from press releases and blog posts–work for Valleywag?
I pray not.
Valleywag canned is too close to Valleywag spam. Yawn.

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  1. David Evans says:

    The snarky diatribes, hotornot face-offs and general tomfoolery will be sorely missed. IMHO there is no room for YASVR (yet another silicon valley reporter) these days. Valleywag had its moments and will be sorely missed (says the guy who hears dirt on dating industry executives that would make Larry Ellison blush). Where is the peninsula TMZ?

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