Weekend plans: Ponzi’s here and the Squid

One of my favorite people who doesn’t live nearby is in town this weekend– Ponzi, Chris Pirillo’s fiance and an amazing person in her own right. I’m so psyched about seeing her this weekend–it has been too long–and there will be other great friends around as well–so this will be a treat.
Also excited about Scott Beale’s Laughing Squid party, which I really want to go to. Scott is one of the truly good people I know, both in word and deed–he’s a supporter of the arts, friend to the alternative, web hoster, superb photographer–and makes it all look easy.
Hopefully, there will also be some walking, bike-riding and maybe a little wine-tasting involved-and of course, that project I have to do for work….definitely spending time on that this weekend as well.

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  1. Chris Pirillo says:

    w00t! Can’t wait to catch up. :)

  2. Ponzi says:

    Susan! We’re here in your neck of the woods and – looking forward to having lots of fun with you all tomorrow night. I’m so happy you can make it!

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