WSJ calls Mike Arrington a surfbum, marvels at success

So Mike Arrington’s the subject of one of those breathless trend-watch WSJ articles that says “Two years ago, Mr. Arrington was a surf bum in southern California.”
The article is a hoot. Never mind that Mike is a lawyer, worked with Keith Teare, co-founded edgeio–the guy’s really a slacker who stumbled into success –sez these two bozos.
LOL, what idiots these reporters must be.

Isn’t this more proof old media has just lost its way?
Somehow, the reporters ponder, Mike Arrington has the magic juice that gets even the littlest starft-ups funded (this story reads like the oh-wow freshman piece for two high school newspaper editors hitting the big leagues) and has this amazed how did he make this happen? tone.
Given all the bloggers vs,. journalists hoopla around Mike recently, this silly piece scores one for the bloggers in my book.

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  1. Media Blog says:

    For any one who has followed the Viacom vs. YouTube story closely, no further proof is needed about the lazy, pack-mentality, clueless nature of most MSM.

  2. Choire Sicha says:

    I don’t really love the piece either. But I think your dismissive criticisms are way out of line. For one thing, the sentence in which he was described as a “surf bum” begins “Two years ago….”
    And did you read this paragraph?
    A native of Southern California, Mr. Arrington majored in economics at Claremont McKenna College and came to Silicon Valley to attend Stanford Law School in 1992. He worked for the law firm Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati before joining Internet start-up RealNames Corp. in 1999. RealNames later collapsed and was liquidated. Mr. Arrington has also worked at Global Name Registry Ltd., which tried to sell email addresses ending in “.name”; online ticket-broker RazorGator Inc.; and Inc., a Canadian company that resells Internet domain names.”
    That’s just one of the citations of his work history. They also refer to him as a “onetime star Wall Street analyst.”
    With all due respect, I think your thin reading of the piece led you to unsupportable conclusions.

  3. Susan Mernit says:

    Choire, those are fair comments–especially about the pp about Mike’s background and vita. But I still bristle at the easy lead and the breathless tone…nevertheless, I see your points…thanks for posting.

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