Happy New Year, everyone

I’m on vacation, visiting an old friend and logged into her computer to wish everyone a Happy New Year!
Some highlights of my year:
–Going to work at Yahoo!
–Building the team and Yahoo! Personals and working with them
–Having a great boss who can really drive the business
–Seeing blogging move totally into the mainstream and vlogging take off in so major a way everyone forgot it’s the basis for YouTube
–Watching friends’ companies and projects take off–in this boom year this is too many to list so quickly
–Accomplishing my goal of better balancing work and life–the 13.1 mile half marathon, the yoga classes, the away for the weekend time with friends, stronger connections with family–were all wonderful aspects of 2006
–Resolving to focus more on my health and weight: down 11 pounds and committed to losing alot more through sensible diet and consistent exercise
Resolutions of 2007 to no doubt follow–meanwhile, enjoy your evening and travel safe.

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  1. Richard says:

    Have a wonderful 2007, Susan.

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