James Kim family benefit auction starts January 3rd

There’s An auction of fine art + craft to benefit the family of James Kim ,organized by sisters Lisa Congdon and Stephanie Barnes and their mother Gerrie Congdon about to happen online. 100% of the auction proceeds will go to the Kim Family Fund.
Auction items will be available for bidding starting January 3, 2007. Bidding ends January 7th.
The Kim family loss is tragic; if you’re interested in helping this family, this seems one good way to do so.
(Via citymama)

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  1. Trailer Queen says:

    I grew up in S. Oregon, and this disgusting incident shines a spotlight on the incompetence and lack of follow through by the authorities down there.
    This far from the first time somebody got lost, it won’t be the last time. Nobody cares to make any changes down there, regarding signs and roads staying open.
    Even S. Oregon people, my relatives or I, could’ve made this mistake, the signs and road is completely confusing: (see video “Warning signs marked James Kim family’s journey (CNN, Drew Griffin) http://www.cnn.com/2006/US/12/11/griffin.oregon/index.html “).
    Where I grew up in S. Oregon, you could sit in your business, watch the drug dealers selling in one parking lot, and watch the cops just sit there in another parking lot. You can call and report the drug dealing, and the cops just continue sitting there.
    The only thing generating excitment is if a wild animal strays too far into town, that generates the full force shooting 100’s of rounds into the thing. Or of somebody refuses to stop for a cop, that draws helicoptors and 20 car chase from Coos Bay to Gardiner, bullets flying through residential areas.

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