Product development diary: A great day in the testing lab

Yesterday was one of those really good days at work.
We’re RITE-studying a new set of feature concepts, and alot of the day was in the usability lab, watching the researcher show paper prototypes to subjects.
It was interesting, but they didn’t get some of the features we had hoped they would.
After the sessions, the team sat around talking about what we’d learned and the problems we were trying to solve. Suddenly, we came up with this very strong idea, a new solution no one has done.
Tons of discussion and white boarding began.
I wrote the ideas up.
There was more white-boarding and a whole new way to (possibly) solve the problem.
Today the UED team is paper prototyping the new ideas.
Monday we’re testing again and we’ll see how these concepts go over.
If these ideas fly, we could have something that would be very cool.
I left work completely jazzed about the thinking we’d done and happy about the problem-solving, the buy-in, and the ownership everyone displayed.
This kind of product development is what thrills me. Can’t wait to see the RITE studies on Monday!