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“I think my disorientation in the Hearst Building lies in my barely-conscious knowledge accumulated over the past seven years, as I moved from East Coast to West, through boom and bust, from corporation to start-up and now back in a place of co-existence with what I was running from. I could call my stalker the corporate world, but that’s too simple. I think I was running from something endemic in the corporate media structure; an insistance on being right. And now I see pockets of humility, people questioning, people willing to knock down walls and open their space to get a better view of what is actually occuring, not what they say is. ”
BlogHer co-founder Jory des Jardins, writing in a post titled “The Conversion from East Coast Neurotic to West Coast Empath Part II: The Shift in Media” about a November visit to an old media NY magazine empire and the shift in attitudes and vibes she experienced.

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