Quotes of the Day

“Women are almost two and one half times as likely to be channeled into staff jobs like H.R. and communications than into operating roles where they would be generating revenue and managing profit and loss. When more women hold line positions, there will be more women top earners and C.E.O.’s.”
–Ilene H. Lang, president of Catalyst, in a NY Times article exploring a new Catalyst study that says that only about 16 percent of corporate officers at Fortune 500 companies are women, and only 76 boards among the Fortune 500 have three or more female members–despite 20 years of equal opportunity and feminism.
“The truth is, left alone, I think the situation would get worse. I think the reason you see roughly 2 percent of Fortune 500 companies run by female C.E.O.’s is because there has been some discussion about the issue. If the topic didn’t continue to be highlighted as important, I do think that percentage would slide backward.”
Autodesk CEO Carol Bartz, quoted in the same story.
Susan sez: The study reports at the rate things are going, it could take another 4o years for women to achieve parity with men in corporate jobs–yet one more good reason to start your own business!