Sharing is caring: NYTimes supports content distribution, kinda

The NYTimes–the most frequently visited newspaper Web site in the U.S– announced today that they have integrated a new sharing tool into most of their free new stories that allows readers to post content directly to Digg, Facebook, and Newsvine via embedded links. The tool also creates a permanent URL for that story for bloggers who want to link there.
The relevant quote from bd person Christine Topalian from the Seattle PI story is :”The discussions are happening on the other sites, but there is still a way to link back to the site. So it is really to build awareness around the articles with users who may or may not have heard about the article.” Back in the day, Dave Winer got the Times to add RSS feeds early on–
Of course, one wonders why other services– , tailrank, whatever–aren’t embedded–but it’s still a move many newspapers, if not most-will now copy–and it keeps the Times in the forefront of online newspaper innovation(okay, I know it sounds like an oxymoron, but hey, it’s not.)

Susan sez: When will the Times open up article commenting, in effect letting readers post their content to the site?

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  1. Richard says:

    Never, I hope, if the idiotic comments in their forums are an example of the discourse they’ll get.

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