Weekend view and Time’s Person of the Year

Spent the weekend seeing an old friend, walking, going to the movies to see Blood Diamond (well worth the time). And of course, opening Hannukah presents and wrapping holiday gifts.
And then, of course, I found out that I was Time’s Person of the Year (along with all the rest of you), and I had go back and think about how I learned about Dave Winer waay back in the day, in 1999. (In 2000, I wanted AOL to buy Blogger (they didn’t, obviously) , and later, in 2003, as I started to think about blogging myself, I got schooled with my old boss Jeff Jarvis and Dan Gillmor . The big helper for me though was Frank Paynter suggesting to Winer he invite me to moderate a users panel at Bloggercon 1–to say that conference was life-changing for me would be pretty accurate. )
And that train of thought brought me back to today, to friendster and YouTube and flickr and wikipedia, all evidence of how the information paradigm–not to mention the ways we communicate with our friends–have so radically–and interestingly–begun to change.