Yahoo re-org: watching the news roll by

For those of us inside Yahoo and not on the VP and above call, last night’s scanning the news and the blogosphere for additional detail beyond Terry Semel’s memo felt kind of like sitting in front of the TV watching the late-night election returns roll in–bits and pieces of additional details emerging, pierced out from somewhere.
Paid Content and Valleywag and the WSJreport that Lloyd Braun is out of the Y! Media Group; a friend called to say he’d heard some other group heads were also leaving. Terry’s blog post suggested that Zod will end up owning more of the platform teams that now live within product–but what that exactly means just isn’t clear.
Apparently, according to another story, the Yahoo Network within the audiences team will will include the media unit formerly led by Braun, and the Yahoo home page and communications products and Jeff Weiner will lead that team.
I suppose by the end of today and later into the next quarter, there will be a better sense of what the new plans are and where the investment focus will be but last night it was all random bits of data being put together.
My own thoughts are that Yahoo! needs to move on this pretty quickly to build momentum and keep people focused; the fact there is no head for the Audiences team and they still made this announcement is troubling–but everyone has to know that–and meanwhile, in my world, it’s business as usual–we have an interesting release later this month and lots more to get ready to ship.

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  1. Shawn B says:

    Sorry to see the shake-up with Yahoo and hope it won’t affect you – good thing to concentrate on being productive!

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