Compete stats: Where do we spend our time–and register our identiies?

Jay Meattle’s got a post —with data –reporting where Americans spend their time online. As you’d expect, MySpace, eBay, and Facebook are high on the list, proving the impact of social media and community on both communications and commerce.
But Adult Friend Finder and Neopets are also in the top set, suggesting far more Americans–and their children–are registering to participate in specific communities–some, like AFF, that our culture demands we keep private.
One way to look at this list is to view overall pages consumed–in which case, there aren’t that many surprises.
Another is to consider how many of these sites require registration and the creation of a persistent identity to interact with them–MySpace, eBay, bankofamerica–and so on.
A third way to view the list is to consider how many of these sites are based on users creating and uploading content–I’d say 8 of the sites could not exist without user content and interaction.
Google’s recent push to link user accounts together for their various services–like this blogger account–has a more obvious value as services start to compete based not only on page views, but on engagement.
The lesson that user generated content can drive HUGE increases in page views is lost on no one–but for me, the Compete charts show that registration, as well, has a new and powerful relevancy in terms of metrics we want to count.
PS: In the post–and in the comments, Jay also highlights how much Yahoo rules here.

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  1. Andy says:

    Hi Susan. I just wanted to let you know that Compete has another post today that I think you’ll be interested in. It ranks the online dating sites and shows the rise in traffic around the holidays. I’m sure you’ll be happy to see that Yahoo Personals has a healthy lead. Here is the link:
    Andy Kazeniac

  2. david says:

    yes susan i agree with you.

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