Digital home: Hanging with Mr & Mrs Smith

Welcome to the suburbs, where the digital home is getting real, like you didn’t already know that. I’m in the ‘burbs, day off, helping some family members settle into new digs and the amount of activity around wiring the house and getting all the tech online and working together is just a total trip.
Here’s what is being installed:

  • Home wireless network
  • Cable modem/ethernet network
  • DVR
  • Cable television
  • New computer set up and install (spiffy new Mac)
  • Three new TVs with wiring in the walls
  • 3 DVD players (techology stowed in cabinets)
  • Security for the network

What did cherished family members’ last place have? Nada.

This means that these folks will now regularly do the following activities:

  • Manage photos from camera to desktop to ipod to web
  • Download missed TV episodes and movies and watch on computer and on TV
  • Manage music from computer to ipod
  • Do video recording via the Mac

I predict that the new set up will also lead to blogging, vlogging, and lots of DVR…I’ll report back in a few months on what all this spiffy new tech is making possible–but geeze, for my cherished family members, this is a freakin’ revolution!