Jake Dobkin goes streetsy–and we go all expressive

Came across a lovely set of photos from Gothamist/Blue Jake guy Jake Dobkin this morning called Streetsy–yep, they are photo sets of street pix–photo journalism assemblage around NYC that are daily shots and part of a global network aiming to be the larger set of sreet photography in the world.
Here’s one of jake’s shots–if you like it, there are lots more–(And yes, there is a streetsy flickr group and a marvelous blog of photos sent to streetsy.)

Susan sez: As a student of Victorian studies in a past life, I think alot these days about John Ruskin and the Machine age and the great interest in the Pre Raphaelite movement and hand-crafted, artisan goods. Seems to be we are in a similar space–as we become more and more wired, the value of individual, artistic expression rises–and more people in the culture b ecome interested in creating–and sharing–expressive art, craft, and words.