Paying attention in 2007: what’s hot and upcoming

There are alot of interesting predictions and postings about what 2007 will bring.
Here’s a short list of some of the areas and themes that interest me and that I think will be themes for product development and business growth in 2007:
New models for monetizing 13-18 year olds: There’s an explosion of “me-too” services for tweens and teens, but the business models remain the same, pretty much…sell brand and reach. New business models for this market–really, this set of markets–and new products that support those models are well worth figuring out, if amazingly challenging, given how fickle kids can be.
Social media meets premium services: What happens to paid services for dating, jobs, travel and so on as MySpace and Facebook users find their needs becoming more complex? I’m waiting to see how the audience acquisition plays, product features and user experiences of the more traditional paid (non-entertainment)services shift to grab these users–and what happens when new, smaller services arise and try to grab these segments.
Local, local, local: How do enhanced directories, local newspaper sites, classifieds, and social media fit together on a zip code level? This is a question lots of players are tackling, from the big to the small–and an arena where the potential to develop revenue growth through advertising and services–and to command and grow eyeballs–is very real.
Content and portals in the age of YouTube: The audience shift from mainstream media to user generated content(especially video) is standing the applecart on its head. This is one of these meta questions that has to come down to some very specific tools and strategies or wealth(read eyeballs) gets redistributed even further.
Women, act 2: There’s more gold in them thar’ hills, me thinks. New sites, new services, new products, new growth, new money.
Search: It ain’t over and will never be over. IMHO, this one is the secret sauce and knits so many other things together–and there are still new products–killer new products–to be made.

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