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“Trying to build your life, your career, around a discussion of sex means accepting that you will always have a fringe identity. That no matter how academic, how smart, how clean you keep it, you will always be on the edges of polite society. You will always be in the Pink Ghetto, and you will never be able to escape it.”
–Sexerati co-editor Lux Nightmare, writing on the difficulties of talking openly online about sex and sexuality.
(Via Rachael Kramer Bussel’s post on NSFW blogging)

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  1. Amy Gahran says:

    Yeah, but the mainstream is sooooooo overrated…. and fringe is more powerful than it ever was, I think. Plus, the fringe is more flexible. I prefer options.
    Great quote, though.
    – Amy Gahran

  2. Trisha Parks says:

    I guess that’s the reality we have to face. It’s not easy but we have live with it.

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