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“The concept of local, local blogs is wonderful. But it has problems.
No news operation can rely on part time volunteer reporters.
Hyper local blogs have a long way to go to get the respect, authority, and credibility that existing media have, as flawed as the “placebloggers” may think MSM is.
Advertisers can’t be bothered wondering whether local blogger’s small audiences will make the registers ring. And they don’t trust bloggers, either.”
Marketwatch’s Frank Barnako, writing about hyperlocal news sites

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  1. tish grier says:

    gad! I am *so* sick of guys like Frank Barnako just not getting that hyperlocal blogging isn’t always about sticking it to the MSM man. That may be the mantra for the political blogosphere, but it certainly isn’t the prevailing ethos of cit j folks. Sheesh! I really wish these guys would do what I’ve done and been doing and *talk* to the folks who run cit j sites. So very few of *them* ever bother to do anything beyond take every little peep from The People as a personal affront. so annoying!

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