Sex blogger outed by a yellow journalist; plots revenge

Zoe Margolis, aka Abby Lee of Girl with a One Track Mind says she never planned to reveal her true identity as a 30-something camera operator, even though she agreed to allow her sexy blog to be turned into a book, but when Nicholas Hellen, an editor at the Sunday Times of London did some investigative digging and determined that Margolis was most likely the author behind GOTM, she was outed.
Now Lee’s printed one of the bullying emails Hellen sent her before the story was released and asked sympathetic bloggers to link to her post with the published email; her logic is that search engine algorithms will forevermore push Hellen’s nasty message high up into searches on this name–forever.
Will it work?
Let’s see what happens tomorrow.
Update: It’s Monday, 1/08, it worked.

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  1. straightchris says:

    I’d love to find something on the deputy blackmailer in chief Nicholas Hellen.
    He’s on holiday this week and will be back on his deck on Tuesday 9 January.

  2. Judith says:

    Let’s send a copy of the letter to his mum, so she knows what kind of toad she raised…

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