Bang! Rear-ended in SF

No, really. It’s not a metaphor, it’s what happened–yesterday afternoon, driving in San Francisco, a woman rear-ended my car.
Now I know what amazingly strong back bumpers Mazdas have, but I wasn’t as lucky..I have a mean case of whiplash and what the medics called'”soft tissue”injury to the neck and shoulder, which I am translating to mean “Go get some x-rays” and “Book a massage.”
The drive of the other car, amazingly, had no ID with her–no license, no passport, no nothin’.
And it wasn’t her vehicle.
And the insurance might have been expired.
She kept offering to give me her rent money so we could “forget it right then and there.”
And when I explained I needed to go get x-rays (cause my shoulder hurt like a you know what), she said she’d accompany me right then and there, or I should come to her house so she could give me more money.
“I don’t want your money, I want to make sure I know how to reach you and your insurance company in case I need some treatment,” was my retort.
We went around and around that one for a while, and then she left the scene of the accident. And then the cops arrived. And then she kept calling my phone–and the police said she’d need to come back to the accident with the car, or else she’s might have a warrant for her arrest…
Two hours after her VW created a bad feeling in my shoulder, I was finally on my way; this morning it’s X-rays, and hopefully, a nice soothing massage that makes the sore spots go ahhh.

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  1. Roland Tanglao says:

    get better!
    yet another reason i hate cars!

  2. tony says:

    Sorry to hear, my dear. FWIW, from a guy who’s been hit too many times… skip the Xrays and get an MRI if you’re serious about soft tissue damage.

  3. Stacy says:

    Ack! Take care of yourself! I will handle what I can here at the office. Hugs!!

  4. Richard says:

    Oh, that’s terrible. I’m so sorry.
    I hope you feel better soon, Susan.
    The other thing “soft tissue injury” translates to is “get a good PI attorney.”

  5. John Powers says:

    Hope you feel better soon. It may take a while, so take it easy.

  6. Lisa Williams says:

    Yikes! Is driving in California really hazardous? (A moment to appreciate the irony of the fact that a Bostonian is writing in to ask if Bay Area traffic is dangerous).
    Here’s hoping that you get well as close to instantaneously as is possible, and that you get your car back with a minimum of inconvenience and drama.

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