Cameron Marlow: NY neighborhoods as seen by a SF guy

Trying to figure out what areas folks who live in the Mission, Bernal Heights or the Avenues might feel at home in if they moved to NYC?
The man to check in with is Cameron Marlow,who’s delivered a Curbed-worthy deconstruction of the two burgs and their b-comps (that would be burrito comparatives).
Some examples:
North Beach= Little Italy
Noe Valley= Upper East Side
Potrero= Brooklyn Heights
and so on…
The comments are also worth a read, as in this one by Beth:
“Park Slope is SO Noe Valley. I remember thinking that when I first laid eyes on Noe Valley ten years ago. I haven’t been to SF in some time, so maybe Russian Hill has changed, but from what I remember about Noe Valley was white lesbians (the people who inspired the neighborhood’s affectionate nickname, “Snowy Vulva”) and/or sensitive yuppie couples, pushing sport utility strollers, and lots of overpriced but delicious and cozy places to eat and drink coffee and buy organic food.”
Amen, sister.