Lee LeFevre: What makes community work?

Interesting post on talks at Noah Kagan’s CommunityNext (which I missed) and the discussions of both forming communities and of community as a business practice. Lee’s observations ring true:

  • The most successful communities were started by people with a ton of devotion and passion about the community project. This can’t be created in a board room or assigned as a project.
  • Successful communities require a community manager to balance the needs of the community and the organization. Like I wrote recently, the manager is the protector of the community.
  • In-reach vs. outreach. Instead of focusing on bringing people in (outreach), be more focused on making people feel welcome after they arrive.
  • Authenticity, transparency, genuineness are absolutely required in the community setting. Do not deceive.
  • Listen to the community, listen to the community, listen to the community.

Susan sez: The interesting thing here is that we need to remember these lessons over and over again–every time the platform tools change, the process notes become i mportant again.

Lee’s now on my blogroll (thanks, Boris.)

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  1. Lee LeFever says:

    Hi Susan! Thanks for the kind words and the blogroll love. I hope we can meet face-to-face sometime soon.

  2. noah kagan says:

    I hope I can see you at the next event;) Thanks for the highlights from Lee’s post.

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