Noted: Friday diets

Julie Leung’s got an inspiring post on diets and health, with links to other bloggers fighting the good fight on fitness and weight.
Julie’s list:

(Susan sez: This is really an excuse to tell everyone reading my blog that dieting is a bitch…but that I have lost 20 pounds since December 1st, mostly due to relentless brainwashing…but that it doesn’t get easier, it just becomes more of a habit.)

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  1. Jeremy Zawodny says:

    If it doesn’t get easier, you’re not doing something right. Seriously.
    The first few months were hard for me. But then it got easier and easier. I’m down 54 pounds from my high and have been within a +/-4 pounds for the last 9 months or so.
    I wish I could tell you what it is, but trust me, it should be getting easier.

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