Photo exhibit: And I still see their faces

“We lived at the station through which the trains to the death camp passed. My parents helped Jews in their escapes, they hid themselves at our home. One of them left a photograph. It had been hanging for 50 years in my room and recently has fallen off, the glass has broken. I decided to part with it. I am an old woman and I realize that when I cross the barrier of life, this picture will end up in the trash.”
–Statement from one of the contributors to the online and real world exhibit And I still see their faces, an exhibit of 455 old photographs belonging to Jews shipped off to their deaths in Nazi Poland, their pictures found passed along to their neighbors and left hidden in their houses., written up today in the NY Times.
Susan sez: This is an amazing photo collection, with captions for many of the pictures that are interesting and provoke great thought. These pictures offer a glimpse of a people–and a world–now gone, but once as real and vibrant as anywhere today.

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  1. Robert Hoffer says:

    Thanks for this one. Hard on the heart but important in this age of denial to remember.

  2. deb schultz says:

    sue – totally cool. Too bad they did not do it flickr style so people could comment and add their own stories and photos – or use greg elin’s photo notes (the app that enables you to add notes onto flickr photos)
    thanks for sharing

  3. sjpblogger says:

    Awesome Blog, I love the pictures and info about the jews. I find this to be a very heart touching, interesting subject.

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