Social media: one click away from both the ridiculous and the sublime

Spent a little time this week surfing for people who’d met and fallen in love on Yahoo! Personals, where I lead the product development team , and thought the diversity of blogging voices that turned up was worth sharing as an example of how pervasive sharing, uh, everything has become.
I started with a search on Yahoo! Personals and clicked through on some of the snips that turned up–including these–
Jan, MySpaceBlog: Bryan is truly a great guy with a big heart!! I am very blessed to have him in my life, I am so glad that I took that chance & e-mailed him through yahoo personals, I never thought those kind of things work but guess what? They really do!!
One3y3 open: It’s hard to fathom where I would be, who I would be with, and at what stage of my life I would be in if you hadn’t responded to my Yahoo! Personals ad.
Third Offence: It’s like EBay for People!
Bella’s bold, brilliant blog: Back in early December, I met someone on Yahoo Personals that I was sure Could Be The One.
And the links went on and on. Lotsa people telling their stories, most with no one linking to them–an interesting demonstration of just how many people are using blogs and personal spaces to share experiences and communicate about everything.
Any time you doubt it just do a search for ” we met online” or ” my cat is so cute!” or ” I need a new job” and see all the links that turn up.
We’ve inside a universe of always accessible comunicators, one click away from both the ridiculous and the sublime.