Corporate blogging laid bare

Hugh McLeod’s got a super useful post on corporate blogs, corporate blogging and how those pesyk PR and marketing departments can embrace their inner transparencies. Apparently, this is a talk he gave at Edelman PR–and I hope they tattoed the words on their inner arms (okay, I hope they listened closely).
Some of what stood out for me:

  • The growth will come, I believe, not by yet more increased efficiencies, but by humanification.
  • If corporate blogs work, it’s because they help humanify the company.
  • Blogging is not about reaching a mass audience.
  • Blogs allow you to cheaply and quickly begin a smarter conversation.
  • Having a “Smarter Conversation” is not an intellectual decision. It’s a moral decision.

There’s lots more and it is a great read with case studies, links, and references.

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