Disney launching Moms’ site, embedding promotion

Disney’s the latest big(media)co to launch a niche site embedded with all sorts of Disney service and promotions for entertainment and products.
This time, Disney’s going after parents–moms, in particular–with Disney Family, a community-focused service helmed by Emily Smith that will offer info and resources, along with blog and link directories, user profiles and lots of content created by the audience. A wiki-pedia is planned with user-generated content along the lines of Yahoo Answers focusing on questions like “How can I get my kid to sleep through the night?”
Businessweek has a quote from Paul Yanover, Disney exec, saying: “This audience doesn’t want to hook, up. It wants to find others who can say I’ve been through this as well.”
I am betting the Disney brand–plus the attention paid to what Mom’s want–and their inclusion as bloggers on the site–will give this one good lift-off and numbers right from the get go.