I have a black eye

So I didn’t sleep well last night and when I woke and saw myself in the mirror, I had a start–I was sporting a bright red/purple and well-developed black eye–one which I have no idea how I acquired.
There are dozens of jokes I want to make about hitting myself in my sleep, bumping into my dog’s paw, having midnight moments I can’t recall, but truth is, I have absolutely no idea what happened.
It was a bit of a trip to walk into a staff meeting and say “Yes, I know I have a black eye, but no, I have no idea how I got it.”
Searched the web and aside from learning that if I had a headache my brain might be leaking, I still have no clue. Any useful ideas?

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  1. Richard says:

    I woke up with a black eye once; it was from dental work the day before. (The one I got at 14 came from another kid’s fist, so that was no mystery.)

  2. Amy Gahran says:

    Hi susan
    Not to be alarmist, but please do get that checked out by a doctor right away. You don’t want to mess around with mysterious under-the-skin bleeding near the eye and the brain.
    Hope all’s well,
    – Amy

  3. Dossy Shiobara says:

    Perhaps not useful but … did you join Fight Club?

  4. Viviane says:

    Are you taking any sleep medication?
    some Ambien users report getting up, eating, and they’re still asleep.
    But I’m with Amy – so see a doctor.

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