Is Google buying AOL?

I got an email from a friend who spent this evening on one of NYC’s top restaurants. He said “I was seated near some people from Google and AOL who were celebrating some sort of deal. They’d signed papers and wanted to sit off by themselves so no one could hear them talk.”
Does this mean some unit of the Google team did a rich ad buy deal with AOL? Or does it mean Google is topping off its rash of recent purchases with the acquisition of AOL?
Wouldn’t that be a hoot–the big portal that in 2000 didn’t want to buy Google and in 2002 invested $10 million dollars in them to hold Yahoo at bay–and then made mega cash from the Google IPO–being acquired by Google?
I admit, this story is definitely in the category of suspect rumor–but what if it is true?

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  1. Lin says:

    That would be a huge Internet company. Can you imagine what the two of the together would do to the future of the Internet. They’d be bigger than Microsoft.

  2. don crowley says:

    Maybe the messaging deal has finally gone though. AIM and Gtalk are supposed to link. There is also an ad deal I think adsense on AOL. This was supposed to happen last year but we’ve seen nothing to date. See Steve Rubels post ” A year later

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