More priceless quotes from all over

Gina Bianchini, Ning blog:8 steps to creating a great social network. “Creating your own social network is a lot like hosting a fabulous party. Like all parties, it usually starts with being an interesting person and a love of meeting people.”
Paid Content; Motorola European marketing director Simon Thompson at the European OPA conference, channelling Jan Brady about the iphone: “We thought it looked very pretty and white. iPhone, iPhone, iPhone! I’m just bored of this darned question. Look, there will be a billion phones sold next year – on a good year, there will be 10 million iPhones.”
From the department of If you believe this is real you are an idiot, courtesy TechCrunch: “A Goldman Sachs trader in the UK named “Charlie” was warned by his employer that his visits to Facebook on company time were to stop. He spent, apparently, over 500 hours on Facebook in a six month period.”