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“The idea of going to a specific “search engine” or “search site” in a few years will seem as stupid as dialing in to an AOL server to get on the internets. We’re going to be talking about “the good old Google days” soon enough.
Google is our generation’s AOL, I fear.”
–Sam Harrellson, Cost per News blog, writing about Wikipedia and student research.

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  1. Rich Skrenta says:

    That article is pure linkbait. Check out the site, the social digg buttons. See http://performancing.com/node/38
    Good linkbait though. :-)

  2. Sam Harrelson says:

    Hi Rich-
    If you were to take the time to read my blog, you’d see that I could care less about links.
    I’ve gone so far as to say that links are dead.
    I put a lot of thought into that post, so calling it linkbait is insulting.
    I’m really interested in the implications of what the post might be pointing to (rather than any traffic that might result from it), so let’s debate the issues raised instead.

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