Salim Ismail’s joining Yahoo to lead Brickhouse

My friend Salim (ex PubSub and Confabb) is moving to the Bay area and joining Yahoo! to lead Brickhouse, the new SF-based incubator. This is a major yeah! in my book…Salim is a good friend and a committed entrepeneur–and this is good both for Y! and for friends and fans of Salim.
Of course, Mike A got the scoop here–and he sez: Congrats to Yahoo for hiring a seasoned entrepreneur to run Brickhouse. Bringing in new blood to stir things up is exactly what they need, and I’m looking forward to seeing the new Brickhouse projects in the near future.
Boss Bradley Horowitz sez: I couldn’t be happier or prouder to have both Salim and Caterina involved.
Susan sez: Post back -patting and congrats all around, this rocks.
Congrats, everyone!