Social search engine Eurekster gets $5MM funding

Social search engine co Eurekster gets $5 million in second round funding–investor Michael Zimmerman of TVP says it’s because of its success with the Swicki platform.
Quote: “Eurekster has demonstrated tremendous vision for the future of Internet search with its Swicki platform, organically growing its Swicki network to over 18,000 publishers and 50,000 Swickis worldwide, predominantly through word of mouth and organic growth.”
Susan sez: As I’ve mentioned before, I worked on the swicki with these folks while I was still consulting and really like this team–they are great–but with all the social search engines happening, I wondered how they’d fare–it’s gratifying to see how viable their product is and how their success in messaging and distributing it has grown exponentially.
(Via TechCrunch and Paid Content and VentureBeat and sphereit)

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  1. Peter says:

    just realized that i’d stopped reading TechCrunch a while ago. not sure how much i’m missing, but it feels like i can stay better-focussed on the long-term success of my own entrepreneurial adventures, now – instead of watching what everyone else is doing.

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