Whoo, hoo– My Netscape rides again

My Netscape, one of the first (and most forward-thinking) personalized start pages on the web back in 2000 or so, relaunched itself today as a freshly customizable , personalizable dashboard for individual users. It’s Ajax, baby, all the way.
Basically, the site offers embedded drag and drop options to lay out modules. There are 100 feeds and an RSS reader (Susan sez: Combine this with pipes, please) and no ads.
MacManus worries that the new My is a clone of Netvibes; the deal dude is that My Netscape is the Momma of all start pages (think 1998-99) so it’s just doing what it’s always done–only with some Web 2.0 front end investment.
Susan sez: I worked at Netscape for 20 months or so in 2000-2001. My was my exposure to RSS, personalization, modularity and to the type of users who would keep this appp live on their desk top and expect it to refresh regularly. In other words, my passion for RSS was aborn of what I learned from the My team back then–so it is heartening to see AOL fund a refresh of this once-powerful app–even though the old teams have long turned over (and even though Netscape has been based in Columbus, Ohio since 2001, a fact that never ceases to surprise me.)

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  1. Bryce says:

    I don’t think Columbus has had responsibility for anything Netscape-related since about June of last year.

  2. Peter says:

    wish Netscape would go back to building software.

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