Chris Locke and Kathy Sierra prove they are rational and wise beings–issue joint statement before appearing on CNN

It’s heartening–okay, it’s wonderful–to see that Kathy Sierra and Chris Locke–two bloggers both caught up in the cyber-threats drama last week, have issued a joint statement explaining how they have met, communicated and resolved differences.
It’s also fascinating to note that the catalyst for all this was a join appearance on CNN (if anyone wonders how much of (some) blogging is about getting publicity for oneself and how much money that can generate, directly or indirectly, this should answer that).
Some of Chris’ statement: “No one was laughing about the offensive words and images that were posted to the blogs I was involved with. The material Kathy quoted on her site was hurtful and ugly” and “Crucial as is the current debate about hate speech directed at women, it would be tragic if this incident were used as a weapon by those who would limit free and open exchange. ”
Kathy: “My desire is for much more open debate on this issue, not legislated limits. The overwhelming, incredible support so many have given to this issue makes me very hopeful, and the positive result of all this has been the conversation that’s taking place right now, between so many people.”
Susan sez: The bloggers named in this firestorm were people I respect and support–to see them take this leadership role going forward is admirable–hat tip, folks.

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