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“We are so desperate to have our voices back that we are willing to leap into the void. We embrace the Web not knowing what it is, but hoping that it will burn the org chart — if not the organization — down to the ground. Released from the gray-flannel handcuffs, we say anything, curse like sailors, rhyme like bad poets, flame against our own values, just for the pure delight of having a voice.
And when the thrill of hearing ourselves speak again wears off, we will begin to build a new world.
That is what the Web is for.”
Dave Weinberger, writing in 1999 in an essay entitled The Longing, referenced by Doc Searls in a post on his belief that ” Newspapers are an endangered institutional species that it is critically important to save, and to improve”–and that Sam Zell may be worth a listen.

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  1. Peter says:

    any discussion of newspapers being ‘critically important to save’ must differentiate between controlled newspapers controlled by strong concentrations of private power, and those newspapers that actually have value to everyday folks.
    We could lose the big five tomorrow and we’d probably all be better off, immediately.
    Through consolidation and capitalism and criminalit, the corporate-controlled newsaper business has become just an organ of the state – a straight-up propaganda outfit:
    Hopefully the press collapses completely, along with the tv, soon.

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