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“My own stand on anonymity, stated frequently in this space, is that I will not give full respect and credence to things said by people who do not have the balls to stand behind their words. When people complain that I’m trying to get rid of the anonymous nature of the web, I say no, I wouldn’t do that. I’m simply telling you the way I judge your words when you’re too chicken to put your name on them.”
–Newsman, prof and blogger, Jeff Jarvis, always a noteworthy quote, commenting on the recent Brad Stone NYTimes story on blogging code of conduct efforts

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  1. Peter says:

    more worthless rhetoric from a self-congratulatory hack.

  2. molly says:

    i actually agree with the guy….i have had some inappropriate and nasty people come to my site to personally attack me, and they NEVER say who they are….
    if you arent proud to say, then dont say it at all, is my motto

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