Animal Alarm Clock Stories

Ever notice that your pets have an amazing sense of time?
My dog and cat unfailingly wake me up every morning around 6:15–the cat, in particular, has an almost uncanny ability to approach at within 10 minutes of the same time every day.
One of my favorite authors, Rupert Sheldrake, writes about domestic animals’ sense of time in Dogs that Know When their Owners Are Coming Home as an internal clock partly set by bthe sun cycle, but also as an in-tune vibe with their owners.
What do you think? Anyone have animal alarm clock stories to share?

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  1. infoshaman says:

    My 3-year-old schnoodle Coco “always” has her nose pressed against the front window when I pull up after work in my car. As soon as the front gate opens, she runs to the front door to greet me….
    However… Last week a friend dropped me at my house after work. Seeing no dog face in the front window, I opened the front gate slowly so that it would not squeak. I then let myself into the house. No sign of Coco. I crept upstairs and found her sound asleep on the bed.
    I hypothesize that she’s trained herself to listen to the sound of my cars, knowing that I’ll soon be parking and coming inside. No car, no doggie at the window. Still, I find it pretty remarkable that she can recognize the distinctive sounds of my two cars.
    (And she almost always gets up around 6:20am. When she doesn’t, it has been because we’re both very tired or she is suffering from an ear infection.

  2. cats says:

    Thanks for the post.

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