David Weinberger: Everything is Miscellaneous

“I have become the complete narcissist. My book launched on May 1, and in the run up to it, I’ve become completely self-involved. Everything from the real reason Alberto Gonzales hasn’t resigned to those new constellations that spell out my initials (they’re really there! I’m not making this up!) all center on me and my new damn book.
It’s all about me, baby!
Isn’t it?
–Author David Weinberger, writing about his sudden attack of self-tracking upon the release of his interesting new book Everything is Miscellaneous, The Power of the New Digital Disorder, which I am just starting to read.
(Susan sez: David is one of the people I consider really wise, as well as kind and interesting, and I an anticipating a great time…more when I actually have some impressions to report.)