Heading out this week…to Peru

Usually when I go on vacation, I just keep blogging, but this time around, I’m not sure how much I’ll be posting over the next two weeks.
You see, I am leaving the country–for Peru, as in trip to, and the plan is to do yoga, hike, hang out and disconnect from this beloved machine (can I really do that?)
So, here’s the fair warning, and while I know there’s an internet cafe down the street from the spot in the Sacred Valley where I’ll be for most of the trip, I’m hoping the call of cyberspace isn’t too strong–and I’m offline for most of the trip (bringing a huge pile of books).
(Just to show you what I am hoping to see, some pix from flickr folk.)
And hey–if you have suggestions as to things to do and or see in Lima, Cusco, the Sacred Valley—please let me know. I have a day in Lima at the end of the trip I am still planning.

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  1. judith says:

    um, excuse me?!?! i am blowing into town and you are blowing out?!?! what’s wrong with this picture! when do you return, darlin’?

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