In Peru..and technology amazes me

I am in Ollyantyambo, a small town a few hours outside of Cusco, Peru. When I get to a better connection, I will post some pictures; meanwhie, I just want to describe how my mind´s being blown.
Imagine this–We´re staying in a guest house miles from anything, where people hoe potatoes and drive mini bikes to eek out a living– And it´s Mother´s Day and I am texting with my kid 5,500 miles away….and then I decide to call him–and the cell works–so then I call a few people I love, just to say him- only I am on a dusty road somewhere in rural Peru–and yet we´re connected via cell towers.
So, on one hand, I recognize this is a story of haves and have nots–the little store I am posting in right now probably has more computers–and more reliable electricity–than is available to local residents–but on the other hand, it´s amazing to me that I can be so far away–both physically and emotionally–and drop into my (virtual) life.

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  1. Lin says:

    That’s so cool. Especially since I was at a little town in New Jersey this weekend, not to far from New York City, and couldn’t get cell reception there.

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