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“Today, we are taking the CBS Audience Network directly to the user. In launching the CBS Audience Network we solidified our position as the most widely distributed professional content provider on the Web thanks to our great video distribution partners. We now want to empower our audience to be creative and deepen their experience with our content by allowing them to share and embed CBS-provided clips to their blogs, wikis, widgets, community sites and whatever else gets thrown our way.We are delighted to have so many quality partners — established and start ups — helping to bring CBS content to the online community.”
–Quincy Smith, President, CBS Interactive, announcing deals to integrate ning, word press, meebo, slide and what seems like dozens more.
Susan sez: Talk about accelerating change! I love the word delighted in there….this is going to be a great use case to see whether people will build communities where the content is–or, more likely, export the content using tools provided. Very neat!

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