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“When we first started studying life stories, people thought it was just idle curiosity — stories, isn’t that cool? Well, we find that these narratives guide behavior in every moment, and frame– not only how we see the past but how we see ourselves in the future.”
Dan P. McAdams, a professor of psychology at Northwestern and author of the 2006 book, The Redemptive Self, quoted in a NY Times article on how mental reslience is tied to emotional narrative and personal story telling.

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  1. Michael Clarke says:

    What’s especially interesting about narratives for me is our innate tendency to re-edit and even re-draft those same stories – our future selves may be written, so to speak (for our ‘selves’ here in the present), but in our habit of re-writing the past, we can keep the future re-written also (if not actually unwritten). I’ll have to check out the book – thanks!

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