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“Many bloggers prefer to remain anonymous and with good reason. The content of their sites is so moronic that even their best friends would disown them if they knew they were the authors. As with most things in life, something that costs nothing is usually worth nothing and that puzzles me.”
–South African Sunday Times columnist David Bullard, proving that even today journalists sometimes live under rocks of their own devising, leading to the state of simultaneously holding strong opinions and not having a god damned clue.

Update: More commentary on this silly column from Vinny Lingham:
“If I had to paraphrase what Bullard is saying, then basically Michael Arrington, Om Malik, Robert Scoble, Jeremy Zawodny, Danny Sullivan & Matt Cutts wouldn’t ever get hired by a print publication – (like hell) – but even more to the point, why would they want to write for a bunch of anally retentive middle to late aged complacent publications that are in a declining market. Most of the CEO’s and editors of these publications are hoping to retire before they go bust and Web 2.0 becomes and entrenched way of life .”

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  1. Lisa Williams says:

    I’ve made so much mileage in my life off of people underestimating me that I’ve come to regard statements like Bullard’s — whether applied to me personally or to groups I belong to — as a signal that I will soon be eating someone else’s tasty, tasty lunch. Hey, Bullard: no mayo, okay? Thanks.

  2. peter krasilovsky says:

    Yes, Mr. Bullard is kind of nasty. But there is some truth to it. Some of our “best” bloggers…I don’t know. Their standards are so lax, they really couldn’t get hired by a major pub. At least, they should PRETEND that there was a high level editor reading what they put out.

  3. IrcMaidon says:

    Bullard writes for the South African Sunday Times, not London.

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