Yahoo! is hiring Duncan Watts

World of wow! Just read on CNET that Yahoo! has hired Duncan Watts to head up/be part of the research group focusing on social media, community and connections. This is GREAT!! (Remember The Small World Project? I played…and learned from the research.)
CNET says: “Duncan Watts, professor of sociology at Columbia University, where he was director of the Collective Dynamics Group, and author of Six Degrees: The Science of a Connected Age, will lead Yahoo’s research in human social dynamics, including social networks and collaborative problem solving. He received a bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of New South Wales and a doctoral degree in theoretical and applied mechanics from Cornell University and will be based out of Yahoo’s New York City offices.”
One of the great things about working at Yahoo! is access to these kinds of folks to advise on strategy and product development. Yahoo! has some other academic researchers my team has spent time with, with productive and stimulating results, and I know we’ll want to connect with Duncan Watts–who wouldn’t?–at least in the realm where my interests and my work responsibilities intersect.
Congrats, Prabhakar, on this hire and others!