Hidden Shanghai–and a chance to spend money

There’s a piece in the travel section of the NY Times today by Howard W French, bureau chief of the Times in Shanghai, about his love of the old parts of that city and the photos he’s shot of a disappearing landscape.
As someone who spent a week in Shanghai and photographed like crazy, I read the article with interest and eagerly clicked over to French’s web site–which has the appearance of a shop just painted and gussied up for buyers. The pictures are okay, not great–but every page is marked for a shopping cart, as if greed and the desire to protect copyright have intersected in a dollar sign. (Whomever advised French to position a sales ticker so prominent was, shall we say, ill-advised–or maybe it was the editor who had French write the Sunday story filed as a sales brochure for this web site.)
Anyway, while the pictures reflect Shanghai as I’ve seen it, so do these flickr sets, all presented with less fanfar:
Shanghai photos (this is the set I took)
China work trip
China travel
China Nov 2006

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  1. Angela Brookss says:

    Shanghai is one of the beautiful city I have ever visited in my childhood with m parents!
    Angela From PayDay Loans

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