I (heart) Etsy

Businessweek’s Kerry Miller has a story about one of my favorite ecommerce web sites, Esty.
Part virtual shopping center, part community, Esty is home to hundreds of small business people who make jewelry, stationary, dish towels, wallets, knitware, stationary, and so on–and added more than 250,000 registered members and 50,000 sellers, and has done a great job handling both development and expansion.
For me, what is so great about Etsy is the small business, hand made goods aspect. I find myself looking for–and buying–more and more gifts on the service, instead of buying mass-produced items from the global ecomomy. At a time when not only machines–but digital bits–take up so much of my attention, the fact I can buy small-lot, artisan-produced goods from people working in their own craft businesses just feels absolutely right.

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  1. Emily says:

    Etsy is pretty much the best place to shop online for hand made goodies! I discovered it through livejournal last year, and fell in love instantly! The site is so cleverly set up, and it feels so much better buying things directly from the artists!

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