Quote of the Day

“There’s never been a better time to be a journalistic entrepreneur — to invent your own job, to become part of the generation that figures out how to produce and, yes, sell the journalism we desperately need as a society and as citizens of a shrinking planet. The young journalists who are striking out on their own today, experimenting with techniques and business models, will invent what’s coming.”
“Try to ignore the fringes of this conversation: the old-guard doomsayers and/or elitists who see nothing but woe for journalism, and the tech-triumphalists and/or media haters who can’t wait to see today’s system blown to utter shreds. These are vapid, false choices. Let’s work to keep the best of traditional media. ”
–Founder and Direcoter of Center for Citizen Media Dan Gillmor, writing in the San Francisco Chronicle.
Susan sez: Dan worked at the Merc for 25 years and wrote the still-indispensible We The Media–and I agree with and would underscore most of what he says in this essay.